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9:21pm | May 11, 2017

Hola! I’m Marianela 😉 I was born in the bustling city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to two professional Tango dancing parents. Ya know, pretty normal stuff! Let’s just say my pre-school days were anything but ordinary. I was traveling the globe with my dynamic duo parents and indulging in many culinary spoils. Life as a baby roadie was good! By the age of five I had acquired quite the wandering palate and developed an affinity for diverse and eclectic food.


My life was best described as magical. My Grandmother, Isabel, was a culinary genius who owned a bakery with her twin sister, my Tía Leonor. Those two were firecrackers in the kitchen! Hilarious arguments about blending, basting, battering, and blending ensued daily; it was a fantastic blend of entertainment, and to die for sweets.


Enter Grandpa, a brilliant Doctor and pioneer in preventive medicine. He taught me early on about the healing powers of food. Even though I camped out in the kitchen, sticking my hand in every lavish dessert within my reach, Grandpa was always there to stick a fruit or carrot in the other. Balance, as it turned out, was the backbone of my early culinary education, and later became the very foundation for my very own ‘philosofeed’ – Fuddhism.

My family and I moved to the US when I was very young, and we acculturated in the worst of ways.

Hello Nutty Bars, Doritos, Snickers, McDonalds, and Wonderbread. I had been spoiled in Argentina with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that were readily available on every block. We went from garden fresh produce to overly processed garbage. “Started from the bottom now we here?!” My Dad, who was always full of vitality, had fallen victim to his environment, and was battling to stay healthy. And with that, my seeded passion for healing through food was re-awakened. My Grandfather may have been hundreds of miles away but his life’s work spoke more to me now more than ever.

It turns out that old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, is true. In my case it was a family tree, as I shared not only my Grandfather’s passion for health and nutrition, but also my parents love for dance and entertainment. I eventually ended up centerstage. First, as a ballerina, and later as an on camera host. I dove head first into the wonderful world of television, all the while continuing my path as a homegrown nutritionist. I was juggling a daily live show, red carpet events, and a hectic schedule (more on for all that jazz).


Ironically, my two passions collided. The need to look and feel my very best on camera further catapulted me into the world of wellness. I was eating right, exercising, and looked healthy, but all the while I had been plagued with chronic neck pain. Why after all these nutritional shifts was my body not healing?

I finally turned to the mind. No amount of beet juice or kale smoothies could heal my toxic thoughts. What we eat matters, but what we think is just as important! It was now time to fuel my mind and feed my spirit as well. In the simple realization that mind and body are one, I at last radiated health and happiness. This is when my blog ‘The Fuddhist’ was born.

For over a decade I’ve educated myself on the healing powers of food and mindfulness. I’ve come to understand that true transformation begins first with your thoughts, and health is no exception. Your body is the loving reflection of your mind, so nourishing your thoughts is key. I don’t believe in diets, because I don’t believe in temporary health. I’m not preaching veganism. I’m preaching “normalism.” My saying is, ‘have your cake and eat your kale too’! My Grandfather taught me long ago, it’s not about THIS or THAT, it’s about this AND that. After many years of tasting, cooking, studying and indulging in life’s greatest pleasure; eating, I hope to inspire others to lead a more vital and fruitful life!

Marianela Pereyra

Marianela is a writer, health advocate, and T.V. personality who has worked as a host for a variety of networks including MTV, NBC, VH1, Travel Channel, and ESPN. In addition to her work in television she is actively pursuing her lifelong passion of nutrition and wellness with her mindful wellness blog, 'The Fuddhist'. Her 'philosofeed' is that a happy and healthy life is made up of both healthy food and healthy thoughts. Marianela is a mindful foodie who takes what she thinks as seriously as what she eats!

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